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A Routine Check-up

Good day.

I always like to think, today is a good day and I do what I can to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We all have our rituals, our eccentricities, our daily deviations from the norm. It doesn’t matter if you have a preferred bed exit or hit the coffee before the bathroom. Whatever you do… that’s you and I applaud you loudly from the gods.

While this isn’t a competition. And while every quirk is equal (to borrow from one dystopian nightmare). Some quirks are more equal than others.

That’s right folks, every habit must choose a side. Some are good. Others have issues. Today, we’re going to look at the ABBA-esque, PG-rated practices of the ritual world. In short, we’re going to uncover some rituals and routines we can all add. Rituals and routines that can only be used for... The Power of Good.

Before we start, this isn’t going to be a preachy, touchy-feely ramble along the ley lines of self-righteous spirituality. No one’s going to be doing any reiki and no one’s getting a go on the talking stick. Now, if that’s your bag, then fair play to you. Long may you enjoy the plinky-plonky music, henna and the happy place of your choice.

No, this article is just practical common-sense stuff you should already know. Kind of shenanigans, some of which you’ve probably tried already:

  1. Hydrate: look, I was clear we won’t split the atom today, but if we were to try, you’d have a better chance if your brain wasn’t bouncing off the inside of your skull like a contestant on Takeshi’s Castle. So, drink some water and stop pretending it’s a big deal.
  1. Fight the duvet: You don’t have to kill it, just EVADE it. Staying in bed and having a duvet day should be reserved for days when you deserve one.
  1. Read a book: yes, an actual book, sure Kindles are great, but since the Amazon is on actual fire and Jeff Bezos has lost enough money down the back of his sofa to put the whole thing out… and hasn’t. Then it’s probably time to grab one of the countless lost paperbacks from your local Shelter.
  1. Call a friend: yes, a real friend on the actual telephone. We just don’t do this enough; they’ll be glad to hear from you… unless you’re rude… (don’t be rude).
  1. Try something new: you don’t need to book a kitesurfing lesson, change can be incremental. Why not vary your route to work. Or forgo that morning Facebook trawl in place of a pod cast. Or… you could try kitesurfing.

  2. Be creative: this one’s going to drive you mad by day three. But why not see how far you get? Your creative act needn’t be amazing or even any good, the positive comes from challenging yourself. So blast out that brass rubbing, press those pretty flowers and spank the monkey out of that saucy limerick.

  3. Book an adventure: you can’t take your Louboutins into the spirit realm, but if you can take something when you pass… maybe it’s the eerie neon haze of the Northern Lights, the lark chorus over the South Downs or that pasta salad in the shadow of Pompeii (you scoff, but seriously 22 years later and no restaurant has come close).

  4. Love yourself: …no, not like that.

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