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FREE UK 1-2 Day Delivery 60-Night Risk-FREE Trial FREE UK Returns

Vegan & Eco-Friendly Duvet

Cuddle up and cosy down with our super-soft and extra-fluffy duvet.
Ethical and made with love x

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104 reviews

Each duvet restores 50 recycled bottles into an ECO-FRIENDLY and CRUELTY-FREE filling.

Feels SOFT & LIGHT - like down - yet without bunching or clumping.

WARM when it's cool. Cool when it's warm.

Breathe CLEAN. Machine wash at home. Tumble dry low.

OEKO-TEX Certified Standard 100.

Delivered in 1-3 business days
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FREE UK 1-2 day delivery
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Ever dream you’d find a duvet that’s good for you for Mother Earth?

"A cloud in a box. Lovely, light & fluffy, it's a treat to sleep under."



Warm, soft and light, with a filling spun from recycled plastic bottles that feels like down. You'll find it easier to fall asleep (but harder to get out of bed).


...there's more. Help us challenge the bedding industry’s sleepy attitude to unnecessary cruelty and waste. Every duvet keeps 12 geese fully feathered, stops 50 plastic bottles going to landfill and saves our precious natural resources. Let's keep the world cosy and comfy, now and forever.


Our mission is to keep you comfy and healthy - without making our planet uncomfortable and unhealthy.


Each duvet transforms around 50 used plastic bottles into a silky-soft, stress-relieving filling.

Cloud-soft for that snuggled-up feeling.

The recycled filling means lots of ducks and geese get to keep their feathers.

 TEMPERATURE-REGULATING: Warm when it’s cool, cool when it’s warm.

Naturally resistant to dust, microbes and allergens.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified as free of harmful chemicals.

Resistant to shifting and clumping to keep you warm from corner to corner.

Fuss-free. Wash and dry all sizes at home - even the biggies!


Whether you're sleeping alone, or you share a bed with a duvet hog, we’ve got a duvet size for everyone: 

140 x 200 cm (Single)

200 x 200 cm (Double)

225 x 220 cm (King)

260 x 220 cm (Super King)


Wash and dry your duvet at home. 30°C is more eco-friendly, but 60°C will remove any nasties.

We recommend using with a duvet cover to reduce the need for constant washing. Even if it is super-comfy without :)


FREE 1-2 day delivery anywhere UK-wide.

DPD, our delivery partners, will message you on the day of delivery with a 1-hour delivery slot.

Not going to be home? You can ask them to leave it with a neighbour or change the delivery date.

Why DPD? Because they're the only delivery network in the U.K. dedicated to making every parcel they deliver carbon neutral - that's why we love them 💚

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Don't love your new duvet? No worries. Return for free up to 60 days after you buy it.


Customer Reviews
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06 May 2021
Jacqueline B.
United Kingdom

This duvet is out of this world! I am absolutely amazed at how soft and fluffy it is. I adore my Duvet Hog

06 May 2021
Margo S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Lovely, lightweight vegan duvet!

Absolutely love the summer duvet from Duvet Hog. It is lightweight and perfect for summer and also for those who get super-hot and need a lighter weight duvet. The customer service is fantastic too - my questions were answered speedily by the owner. Highly recommend this brilliant indie brand!

29 Apr 2021
Rosie J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Sleeping inside a slightly cooler cloud!

I first got the winter warm one... which is amazing... but a bit hot as the temparature rose. So I got a 4.5 tog and it is totally wonderful. I am now literally "covered" for spring, summer and the coldest winter. Unbelievable product. I am very happy! and sleeping so much better!

25 Apr 2021
Tanya S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

A little bit apprehensive at first but the things that attracted me to buy a Duvet Hog were - very eco friendly, vegan, chemical free, machine washable, breathable and all the 5 star reviews. Things that I love now I have it - so light and fluffy but not too fluffy you get overwhelmed by it. It has a ‘drapeable’ quality that other duvets don’t have so it lays around you with no gaps, but without feeling limp. When the bed is made, it’s lofty enough to look inviting and luxurious. It’s very well made and lovely eco packaging and doesn’t slip around inside the cover. Also the correspondence from Phillipa is a customer service dream! Intending to buy a summer one too. Very happy :)

14 Apr 2021
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Duvet Hog’s website is straight forward to use and our duvet was delivered very quickly. The packaging was plastic free and the duvet’s bag very cute and useful too. Customer service is first rate. I have had a friendly exchange of e-mails with Phillippa, which adds to the duvet experience. The duvet itself is gorgeous, light, soft and silky. It was much easier to put our duvet cover on than our wool one (winter weight with 2 duvets) and lovely to sleep under. The fact that the duvet is cruelty free was a huge consideration when deciding to buy a Hog. Our cats now have the smaller wool duvet in one (!) of their beds and the other one will be taken to our local dog and cats home when it’s home from the dry cleaner. To be able to wash our new duvet at home is great news and will save us dry cleaning costs. Thank you so much everyone involved.

13 Apr 2021
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Feel like clouds

Fluffy, comfy, silky, warm and fresh at the same time, it's almost unbelievable, but this duvet is all the wonders it promises. I bought the 13.5 tog king size 3 months ago after asking many questions and the customer service was amazing all along. Delivery was timely, the package impeccable, the duvet is perfect! And eco-friendly! I totally recommend.

13 Apr 2021
Josie H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
So comfy

Have recommended to everyone! Great value! Really comfy and the perfect temperature.

12 Apr 2021
Kevin B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Perfect match

Really nice, warm and comfy

09 Apr 2021
Kristina C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I love it. It keeps you warm without weighing you down. It’s so puffy just like duvets used to be. Best thing I ever bought.

08 Apr 2021
Sarah C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Absolutely loved everything about buying this duvet and sleeping unde it since :) DuvetHog are a brilliant company to deal with, please please expand to include pillows. Will be purchasing a summer weight duvet in due course.

02 Apr 2021
Nicki S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Got the 4.5tog and no longer waking up sweaty very happy with the purchase, the quilt literally arrived in less than 24 hours - thank you

01 Apr 2021
Alison F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Best duvet EVER!

It’s cosy, fluffy and comfortable. Can’t wait for the pillows ✨

01 Apr 2021
Rosie J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Sleeping inside a cloud!

This duvet is one of the best quality items I have ever seen or felt. The attention to detail with the finishing only enhances the overall feel of it. It is sooooooo warm and so light. Literally as light as air. I can't believe I have waited so song to invest in a high quality duvet. BUT. It is actually life changing.

30 Mar 2021
Keiron M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Wonderfully comfy

Bought a 10.5 & 4.5, tried 10.5, but found it too warm - 4.5 is perfect for this time of year! Really good quilts!

26 Mar 2021
Christine D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Excellent service,the duvet is the best I’ve ever bought ,will definitely be using duvet hog again

23 Mar 2021
Lisa H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
So soft...

Luxurious and eco friendly. Comes in lovely recyclable packaging and the quilt has its own fabric bag. What’s not to love


Need to know
Here are the answers to all the
usual things you ask us. If you want
the whole hog, check our FAQs.

What is the Duvet Hog Original made of?


Thanks to the 100% recycled extra-fluffy vegan-down, each duvet:

Saves 12 geese from live-plucking as 2 pounds of goose down is required in a typical duvet.

Keeps around 50 PET plastic bottles away from landfills and our marine buddies.

Leaves our natural resources well alone, in nature.

Doesn’t create new waste – in fact, our factory produces zero waste.

Uses 33% to 53% less energy to make, than other duvets.

Reduces C02 emissions by 50%.


Hands up, we’re not there yet with the virgin polyester casing. But we’re super keen to do a sustainable swap - for one made from recycled bottles.

So, what’s the hold up? We need to grow in order to be able to afford to do so.

So why not use cotton like a traditional duvet? Here’s why:

The peachy-soft casing we use gives the Duvet Hog Original its trademark super-soft and extra-fluffy feel.

Our duvet doesn’t need a tightly-woven ‘down-proof’ cotton casing. Because unlike feathers and down, our vegan-down isn’t trying to escape!

The 'pores' in our super-soft casing mean excess heat is allowed to escape, keeping you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. More zeds.

A traditional duvet requires up to 9 square metres of cotton fabric for its casing.
This amount of cotton requires over 4,500 litres of water to grow.
This, in turn, means that to grow enough cotton to cover all the duvets we Brits buy over the course of a year, we'd need 34.2 billion litres of water.
Sound a lot? Sure does, when the planet needs us to conserve water, not waste it.

Where is the duvet made?

It’s designed in the UK, and made with a lot of love in our Estonian eco-factory, which produces zero waste.

Will the filling shift or clump?

Nope. Layers of our extra-fluffy vegan-down are held in place with our wavy quilted design, like a puffy jacket. It'll give you the same warm hug you get from your puffy jacket too.

Shifting, bunching or clumping tends to occur with a ‘box-constructed’ duvet. This has loads of box-shaped pockets, each with a little hole through which the filling is blown. Problem is, the filling escapes from these holes too! Give it 18 months, and it can move to the edges of the duvet, away from the middle - where your body is!

Is it REALLY possible to wash and dry the duvet at home?

Absolutely! Our mission is Spin Me Don’t Bin Me. We’d much prefer you wash your duvet rather than throw it out when it gets dirty. So, to keep it at its fluffiest, wash at an earth-friendly 30° C, with like colours. Tumble dry on low.

What if I want to return my duvet?

Not for you? No problem and no hard feelings. You can return for free. That said, returning isn’t a very eco-friendly process, so we’ll probably ask you to donate it instead (we’ll refund you, of course!). This is the best way to give your duvet a second lease of life and reduce CO2 emissions.

What happens when my duvet dies? 😢

We’ve designed the Duvet Hog Original in such a way, that once there’s a proper recycling system in place in the UK, the whole duvet can be recycled as one (less the binding), then used to make new products.

Our ultimate vision is of a take-back system where we can turn your worn Duvet Hog Originals into brand new ones.



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