Next Day Delivery 60 Night Trial FREE Returns
Next Day Delivery 60 Night Trial FREE Returns

Vegan & Eco Friendly Duvet

Cuddle up and cosy down with our super-soft and fluffy, sustainable duvet. Ethical and made with love

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Each duvet restores 120 recycled bottles into an ECO-FRIENDLY and CRUELTY-FREE filling.

Feels SOFT & LIGHT - like down - yet without bunching or clumping.

WARM when it's cool. Cool when it's warm.

Breathe CLEAN. Machine wash at home. Tumble dry low.

OEKO-TEX Certified Standard 100.

Delivered in 1-3 business days
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Ever dream you’d find a duvet that’s good for you for Mother Earth?

"A cloud in a box. Lovely, light & fluffy, it's a treat to sleep under."



Our signature EcoPuff® fill is a unique blend of recycled fibres. Together they ensure your eco-friendly duvet feels warm, soft, & light. Making it easier to fall asleep (but harder to get out of bed).


Our EcoPuff® fill keeps
120 plastic bottles out of landfill
and 12 geese fully feathered. `
It also saves our precious
natural resources. 👍


Our mission is to keep you comfy and healthy - without making our planet uncomfortable and unhealthy.


FABRIC CASING: 100% Polyester - GRS-Certified Recycled Fibres

FILLING: 100% EcoPuff® Polyester - GRS-Certified Recycled Fibres

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified (Product Class 1*) as free of harmful chemicals.

*Product Class 1: this product class includes products for babies and has the strictest requirements and limit values.
Are we super proud our duvet is in this class? Yes, we are. 😊

Each duvet transforms around 120 used plastic bottles into a silky-soft, stress-relieving filling. (*30 bottles per m2 in a 10.5 tog duvet)

Cloud-soft for that snuggled-up feeling.

The recycled filling means lots of ducks and geese get to keep their feathers.

 TEMPERATURE-REGULATING: Warm when it’s cool, cool when it’s warm.

Wash at 60°C to keep naturally free of dust, microbes and allergens.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified.

Resistant to shifting and clumping to keep you warm from corner to corner.

Fuss-free. Wash and dry all sizes at home - even the biggies!

Where is the duvet made?

It’s designed in the U.K. and made with a lot of love in our Estonian eco-factory, which produces zero waste*.

*Any waste produced isn't suitable for use in later production runs. So we don't try to reclaim it. We pass it onto a local soft toy factory who use it as the fill for their teddies. 🧸


Whether you're sleeping alone, or you share a bed with a duvet hog, we’ve got a duvet size for everyone: 

135 x 200 cm (Single)

200 x 200 cm (Double)

225 x 220 cm (King)

260 x 220 cm (Super King)


Wash and dry your duvet at home. 30°C is more eco-friendly, but 60°C will remove any nasties.

We recommend using with a duvet cover to reduce the need for constant washing. Even if it is super-comfy without :)


FREE 1-2 day delivery anywhere UK-wide.

DPD, our delivery partners, will message you on the day of delivery with a 1-hour delivery slot.

Not going to be home? You can ask them to leave it with a neighbour or change the delivery date.

Why DPD? Because they've committed to being net zero by 2040* which will make a real difference to our planet. That's why we love them 💚

*To-date they have reduced their emissions by over 70,000 tonnes of CO2e, year on year since 2020.

Money Back Guarantee

Don't love your new duvet? No worries. Return for free up to 60 days after you buy it.


What others say

Need to know
Here are the answers to all the
usual things you ask us. If you want
the whole hog, check our FAQs.

What is the Duvet Hog Original made of?

FABRIC CASING: 100% Polyester - GRS-Certified Recycled Fibres

FILLING: 100% EcoPuff® Polyester - GRS-Certified Recycled Fibres

Designed with you and our planet in mind: super comfy and easily recycled*, as one.

*See end of life recommendations.

Why isn't the cover made from cotton?

Lots of reasons:

The duvet's trademark super-soft and extra-fluffy feel is provided in part by the peachy-soft casing fabric.
... it also ensures your duvet doesn't slide around inside the duvet cover! 👍

A tightly-woven ‘down-proof’ casing isn't needed, as unlike feathers and down, our EcoPuff® fill isn’t trying to escape.

Down-proof casings limit air flow. The flow of air from under the covers - to outside of the covers - is important. It means excess heat can escape on warmer nights.
This keeps you comfy = More zeds.

Current cotton production methods are environmentally unsustainable.

Consider this:
The water 💦 needed to produce a single cotton t-shirt 👕 is enough to sustain one person for 3 years.
Imagine therefore: the amount of water needed to produce enough cotton for a duvet casing.

The planet needs us to conserve water, not waste it.

Will the filling shift or clump?

Nope. Layers of our EcoPuff® fill are held in place with our wavy quilted design, like a puffy jacket.

Shifting, bunching or clumping tends to occur with poor quality synthetic duvets.

Materials blown (loose) into each 'box' of a ‘box-constructed’ duvet can also move about. They can even find their way back out through the holes through which they entered.
Give it 18 months, and you'll find all the filling has found its way to the edges of your duvet. Away from the middle - where your body is!

Has the duvet been treated with flame retardant chemicals?

No, it has not.

The current U.K. Fire Safety Regulations 1988/89, 1993 & 2010 do not apply to bedclothes (including duvets), sleeping bags, loose covers for mattresses (i.e. mattress protectors), pillowcases, curtains and carpets.

However, it is important to note that these products are covered under General Product Safety Regulations 2005 (GPSR).

Is it REALLY possible to wash and dry the duvet at home?

Absolutely! Our mission is Spin Me Don’t Bin Me. We’d much prefer you wash your duvet rather than throw it out when it gets dirty. So, to keep it at its fluffiest, wash at an earth-friendly 30° C, with like colours. Tumble dry on low.

What if I want to return my duvet?

If you’re not 100% in love - returns are free and easy. Email us at within 60 days of ordering to start your return.

We'll refund you in full upon receipt of your returned duvet.

What happens to the returned duvets?

We donate all returned duvets to charity. 

Repurposed into smaller duvets, the size of dog crates, they're sold at dog shows.
✅ Dogs love them as they're so comfy.
✅ Dog owners love them as they wash so well.
✅ And the money raised pays for dog welfare and rescue.

Volunteers - hats off to you! 👏

What happens when my duvet dies? 😢

We’ve designed the Duvet Hog Original in such a way, that once there’s a proper recycling system in place in the UK, the whole duvet can be recycled as one (less the binding), then used to make new products.

Our ultimate vision is of a take-back system where we turn your worn Duvet Hog Originals into brand new ones.




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