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We're Taking Christmas Back

Duvet Hog may only be the number one online resource for sustainable, washable duvets made from recycled PET plastic bottles... but we love Christmas and want a word with anyone trying to shape it in their image.

We’re sorry Coca Cola, we’re sorry Disney Studios, we’re sorry M&S… but Christmas belongs to us, not you.

We don’t care how many glittery perfume adverts, accident-prone dragons and Mariah Carey songs you throw at us… you’re not getting it.

Whatever you believe at Christmas and wherever you think its origins lie. If you think back to the wonder we felt as children, one fact was always the same. Christmas was a time of joy and sharing.

Well, much though we admire a sassy campaign and a good old rock around the Christmas tree, it’s high time we took it back to those simpler days.

With that in mind please join Duvet Hog in our campaign to take Christmas back...

Back to our roots

Let’s start with the tree. Christmas trees are as precious as the holiday itself and while it may seem like a good idea to opt for an artificial tree... remember, real trees get to grow for a while at least. Better still, why not try a real live tree this year? It may sweat for a bit in the lounge but come January you can set it free by the patio.

Have an upcycled Christmas

Christmas can be tough on the wallet. It can also be tough on the planet. You can make a difference by getting creative. We’re not suggesting you abandon the High Street altogether, but why not try swapping at least one present for something you made yourself?

The Gift of Giving

If you’re feeling particularly altruistic you might opt to run a Xmas fundraiser in place of presents. We’re not expecting you to relinquish all your worldly possessions. But trust us, there’s an uncommon good in giving and there are plenty of folks out there who’d be grateful of the help. Why not gift them a lovely, machine-washable, sustainable, super-soft and comfy duvet... and in the process save as many as 50 plastic bottles from landfill for each duvet gifted? If you’re interested we know a guy… click here :)

Cold Turkey

This year, 11 thousand scientists declared a global climate emergency. We’re not trying to ruin your day; in fact, we’re trying to do the opposite. By addressing the concerns, these researchers highlighted how we can help our planet turn the corner. And as an inspirational quote (from somewhere on the internet) no doubt says… these journeys begin with little steps.

Where are we going with this? Glad you asked. In a nutshell, one of the big takeaways from the report was that we should try to eat less… yes turkey dinner we’re looking at you. No, we’re not saying don’t get a bird, but why not bulk it up with some nice Quorn? Or some veggie pigs in blankets?

Repacking the holidays

One simple way to reduce the toll the holidays take on the planet is by being smart with how we wrap our gifts. If you’re anything like our household then you’ll have a cupboard that looks like a Paperchase warehouse. If not, then why not make this the year to start? You can also make your own wrapping paper by upcycling wallpaper and other material.

Go digital

It’s nice to have something to open come Christmas morn. But it’s important to remember that gifts like video games, music and movies can be gifted digitally. Indeed, with the rise of e-tickets, virtual vouchers and the like, it’s possible to gift weekends away, meals out, concert tickets and subscriptions. By doing so you won't be spending a penny on fuel or packaging.

Have a great holiday

Remember, we’re not trying to judge. We’re only aware that although Christmas is a time of great joy, we the public are prone to the odd flap and panic. By being aware, we can be more responsible and organised. We can all do our bit for climate change and at the same time take back the specialness of this wonderful time of year.

So Merry Christmas from us all here at Duvet Hog and whatever you do, have a great time.

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