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Roll on the Duvet Days

The skies are the colour of static, the roads are paved with an auburn carpet of mouldy mush and the parks are minefields of doggy business.

Autumn, the season of cold sores, sniffles, wet socks and the smell of drying clothes from the radiator.

It is a period which we Brits relish. We’re fine with umbrellas in the bath and we know where we keep the Lemsips. So, dear friends as we head full tilt towards winter let us rejoice in the clear air, stunning sunsets and of course, one of the greatest of great British inventions… the duvet day.

Ah, the feeling of unadulterated, tongue in cheek self-pity. A whole day of nothing but feeling sorry for ourselves… and maybe some Netflix.

Duvet days are days for hot homemade soup, tucking our chins under warm covers and dragging our beloved duvet round like a sookie blankie. So, as the nights draw in and the air begins to freshen it’s time for a spot of preparation...

Five ways to have the best duvet day:

  1. Plan ahead: that’s right, don’t wait until you’re sick to make the most of a long lie and a much-needed chill. Take the day off work and plan ahead. A little respite is all you need to recharge your cells and take on the winter.
  1. Get the right duvet: yes, we sell the best duvets and it should totally be one of ours, but if you’re not ready yet for the comfiest, morally self-assured sleep of your life, at least make sure you have a duvet you love. Remember, the big chill is on its way so best get the summer skinny back in the wardrobe and bring out the big guns.
  1. Do stuff: you don’t need to spend the day idling, unless you want to do that. Instead, get started on that book, or get the paints you were given last Christmas out of the attic. Duvet days are prefect for creating stuff and creation feeds the soul.
  1. Turn off your phone: it may have escaped your attention, but telemarketers tend to favour daytime to harass their databases. So, turn your ringer down and unplug the land line, there’s nothing like life insurance to ruin your downtime.
  1. Don’t feel guilty: we are simple creatures, and nothing lets us down like our own minds. Don’t fall into the penance trap, you deserve a day to yourself and don’t let anyone, especially you, tell you otherwise.

That’s it, that’s all you need to know… now go and turn up the chill and don’t let seasonal change, change the way you function.

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