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These Are The Duvet Days

It’s official, these are the duvet days. This April we know that staying home is the right thing to do. It's the best chance we have of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. But over the last few days there has been a huge rise in the number of life coaches, self-helpers and influencers urging us to make the most of our time in lockdown. Their message is pretty loud. So loud, in fact, you might think there must be something wrong with you – if you can’t speak a new language, play the violin or manage to launch a second business by the summer!

Well, as far as we're concerned, there’s nothing wrong with dealing with these strange times in your own way. And if that means building a fort out of duvets and cushions then, we’re 100% behind you. Even J K Rowling, legendary novelists and twitter assassin, says the 'life coaches' are out of line.

We know what’s going on and we don't want to dwell on it. But please don’t have a go at yourself because you haven’t knocked out a Booker Prize winning novel, or mastered Hotel California on guitar yet. You’re only human. And like the rest of us humans, you have the right to hang out in your comfort zone without feeling useless.

To that end, and since we’re authorities in the duvet world 😬, please allows us to present our dynamite guide to the best duvet day ever. Let’s go…

  1. First off. Let it go:

As we enter the realm of the duvet day you must learn to unencumber your mind. Don’t think about anything less colourful than a rainbow or more mundane than a unicorn. The duvet day is a realm of chill and bliss, and we don't want bad vibes at that party.

  1. A few of your favourite things:

Advice gleaned from the Sound of Music: the best duvet days are those full of our favourite things. Our special treasures. As we begin our preparations it’s a great idea to find all those things you 'saved for a rainy day'. Now is the time for that heavenly candle, or that bottle of wine you’ve been saving, or that book you always wanted to read. It’s a chance to wear that dress you love… and anything else you treasure. Hey, why not?

  1. No alarms and no surprises:

Except for close friends and family, the duvet day is a haven from distraction. Switch it all off for a few hours. No phones, no screens and no news. For the duration of the duvet day you can be selfish and cocoon yourself away.

For those lucky enough to have a garden: A little bit of inspiration from @LetsAllDoThisNow on Instagram: “Step outside gang, for a little bit of sky magic. We’re going to go cloud spotting, naming the kinds we see, or conjuring rich imaginings. Why on earth? Because casting our eyes upwards towards the sky immediately lifts one’s perspective. You’ll notice how clear and clean the air is, now there’s no planes or pollution…” Yup, we tried it and it did help to slow things down, feel calmer. But remember to grab your sunnies, it’s pretty bright out there right now ;)

If you're a bit of a night owl, why not check out the Lyrids meteor shower due tonight and tomorrow night? It has to be dark to see it properly, so best turn off all the lights in your house before you settle down. Chances are there'll be 18 meteors an hour to be spotted between midnight and 3am - how cool is that?

  1. Permission to land:

We don’t give ourselves enough rights. Many people put others before themselves. It’s one of our most endearing qualities as a species. But try and put yourself first… if only for a moment. Give yourself permission to relax and allow yourself a moment, just for YOU. For once be the centre of your world and do as you damn well please. So, if you want to have a Bucks Fizz for brunch, take a two-hour midday bath and dance round the breakfast bar in your pants to the Killers… then do you know what? Go for it.

  1. Relax:

We’re all dealing with extraordinary times and we’ll fare better by being ourselves. Don’t let the internet shame you for not ‘using this time’ to develop life skills. Instead, be yourself and take care of yourself. One of the best ways to do that is to relax. So, light your candles, run that bath, read that book and man that duvet fort (our 100% recycled, machine washable fluff-tastic cosy duvets are ideal for fort building… #justsaying).

Above all else, don’t let others (who don’t know you) bully you on the internet. Sure, learning a new skill is great, but don’t feel pressured into action by someone with their own hidden agenda. Be yourself and do what you would do… Stay safe x

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