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DUVET HOG End of Year Roundup 2021

Dear Diary, 

Wowsers … what a year! If it’s true what they say about swings and roundabouts ... then this year was like someone setting up one of those canyon-crossing, bungee-type swing-a-ma-jigs ... right on top of that famous roundabout in the middle of Milton Keynes … yes, that one.

In short, we’ve been up tiddly up, and we’ve been down diddly down. But hey, as a company, and as we prep for 2022, not only are we on the ascent but we’re steady. In truth, the future’s never been brighter.

But first off, let’s recap on some of the world events of 2021. So it wasn’t the easiest of years and let’s leave it there ... we don't want to get all 'Debbie-downer'. 

On the upside!

95% Yeah

Renewable energy 'has another record year of growth', says the International Energy Agency. Plus, they forecast renewables will account for about 95% of growth in global power-generation capacity up to the end of 2026. Let’s take a moment to breathe that in. Say it with us… 95% of new energy projects to be renewable! Hell yeah!

Trees are good, Trees are good…

Despite being mostly FLOP26, there was some great news from the COP26. Best of all was a surprise announcement as over 100 countries signed an agreement to end deforestation by the year 2030. NB. This included the four nations that account for 85% of the world’s forests. Good, eh.

Plan Bee

Who knew, but our favourite insects love solar power. Wildflower seeds sewn alongside solar panels increase populations, a Lancaster University study found. Solar parks could thus boost bumble bee numbers in a win-win for nature.

Follow the money

Public opinion has finally grown to levels where even the shady world of investment funds has taken note. In the last year alone, ethical lobbyists have diverted £1 Trillion worth of pension funds away from the fertile ground of the fossil fuel sector.

Hi-Tech Trending

We’re talking environmental sensors, smart grids, carbon capture, nuclear fusion, fake meat, artificial intelligence - to name but a few. How cool do they all sound?

Reality check ...

If you were an investor - with a few bob in your pocket – would you invest in any one of these exciting hi-tech innovations? Or would you invest in the low-tech, dirty, smelly business of recycling recyclable duvets?

Good question?

Thing is, the DUVET HOG Original isn't just made from recycled materials. It's made to be recyclable. The sustainable materials we use can be repurposed and remade, again and again, into the same high-performance fluffiness that keeps you warm and comfy. 

Yes, the technology exists, but not in the UK yet. And so, our campaign continues …

Now we're off ... let's talk more about us! We'll try to keep it short. 😬

We’re super excited to say our Original Vegan & Eco-friendly Winter Warm duvets (13.5 tog) won the distinct honour of being named the Best Winter Duvet of Good Housekeeping’s Best Winter Duvets of 2021. That's #1, no less!

Our duvet was also named 'Best Down-Free Bedding' in PETA’s 2021 Vegan Homeware Awards earlier in the year.

Huzzah! When we set out to make super soft and fluffy duvets - that cut waste and are cruelty-free - we knew our causes and our duvets were good. Little did we know our oh-so-soft duvets would get voted the ‘best of the best’. TBH it gives us a wee tingly feeling in our hearts knowing that we’ve come so far.

Hey, this can't be done without the continued support of our fantastic customers. So massive thanks from all of us - to all of you! 

Caution! Tunnel Ends Ahead

Looking ahead there’s reason to hope again.

Climate activism has never been more visible. The message appears to be cutting through and even the big money has taken note at last. So, with some exciting new projects underway, we’re going to be looking forward and upward too.

All that remains for us to do is snuggle up under our big fluffy duvets, imbibe more of the festive holiday spirit, and pour ourselves a sneaky Baileys. We look forward to seeing you all in 2022.

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