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Behold The Festival of Sleep Day

Over the years America has given us many things, some good… and some... NOT so good. Examples include: drive-through fast food, Oprah, Joe Exotic, Ned Flanders, Apple and Amazon. Love ‘em or hate ‘em – we’re not here to judge. It's completely up to you!

U.S. exports even include some of their holidays, awareness days, customs and celebrations. Some, like trick-or-treating, have run their existing counterparts out of town like grey squirrels. While others, such as Black Friday, are newer creations.

Now whether you’re a fan of the FOMO fuelled fire-sale, Black Friday (and its partner in cybercrime, Cyber Monday) is a personal choice. Like most traditions, some are greater than others. But at Duvet Hog, we’d rather see more celebrations like Giving Tuesday, Black Friday’s younger philanthropic sibling. Which is why we’re behind the Festival of Sleep Day… though we DO love sleep! It’s one of the main reasons we transform plastic waste into extra-fluffy duvets. (... and because we all want to feel comfy inside and out).

Anyhow, I digress, the Festival of Sleep Day is the latest craze from our crazy cousins over the pond and it’s a date we hope sticks. 

The idea is as simple as it sounds! It's a day on which we can address the fact we don’t cherish sleep enough. 3rd January (the day on which it takes place) is the ideal time to hit the global reset button.

The festival’s exact origins are unclear. But though still a fledgeling global diary date, momentum is building. There is no ‘organiser’ as such, but we expect that will change once more people become aware of it. Also, as it has no official body, there is no official agenda or even a mission statement. The fact is 3rd of January has become a date where we can cherish sleep.

Sleep is important.  We can’t stress this enough. Indeed, stress is one of the major factors associated with lack of sleep. Stress can deprive the body of sleep. And, as we know, sleep deprivation can have serious long-term health implications for our body. So let’s grab as much of it as we can!

In the absence of an itinerary for the Festival of Sleep Day we thought we’d come up with our own.

(Nope, we’re not the organisers... but hey ho)

January 3rd Agenda:

  • Get up as late as you like… like proper rock-star late
  • Why not decide on a designated breakfast-in-bed prepper? (you can swap next year with your partner or family member…)
  • Spend as much of the day in bed as you like…
  • When you’re ready, float like a cloud from the bed to the sofa… (do not remove duvet)
  • Lounge on the sofa for as long as you like…
  • Why not play ‘outside is lava!’… just stay in…
  • Phones are for fun only today… emails are out, Netflix is in…
  • Today’s the day for that movie marathon. Can you handle the Hobbit Trilogy followed by The Lord of the Rings? How about Prometheus all the way to Alien Resurrection? Die Hard 1 to 5?
  • During the day, have a think about what you can do to improve your sleeping habits. Why not run an audit on those pillows, fix that squeaky window or sort out some mood lighting?

As we understand it, that there aren’t any billionaires behind The Festival of Sleep Day. Which means the press and push are somewhat lacking, but we’re happy to take this festival over the Black Friday feeding frenzy, any day of the year. So why not join us as we celebrate all forty of our precious winks? Who knows, maybe next year we’ll even bake a cake to celebrate :)

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