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World Ozone Day

As a species we’re fond of a parade. Any excuse to get out the bunting, crack open the bubbly or stand in a circle and we’re in. From admiring aardvarks to throwing oranges, we humans know how to honour a special day, but today is one special day we can all get behind.

World Ozone Day is a global celebration of the invisible, protective barrier that makes our planet so unique in the universe. That, and the 34-year-old agreement that saved it.

On September 16th, 1987, the world united under a single banner. The Montreal Protocol was the first treaty signed by all 197 bodies of the United Nations.

Designed to save the ozone layer, the legislation was to:

  • Lower the amount of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons, known as HCFCs.
  • Reduce the level of chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, released into the atmosphere.

The accord was a true global triumph, and we mustn’t forget the importance of the treaty in keeping our planet habitable.

There is still much climate denial - even among some prominent nations and world leaders. But these pale in comparison to the opposition the Montreal Protocol received at the time. First and foremost was the fact the aerosol industry most definitely wasn’t happy. There were also demonstrations, promised vetoes and a concentrated campaign against the law. In the end, the resistance was futile, and science and reason won the day.

In our current climate emergency, it is more important than ever that we remember and indeed celebrate this stunning global pivot.

What can we do to celebrate World Ozone Day?

Well, as we have proven again and again, when we choose to act together there is little we cannot achieve - for the key to soliciting change is to unite.

We also have power when we act on our own, as discussed in our article on Individual Collectiveness. Remember, if we act in the belief that others, like us, will do the same ... is often all it takes to build momentum and we should never be afraid to stand up or stand out.

So, why not use your voice to share the message of World Ozone Day. Share a post on all your social media channels, do an earth dance on TIKTOK, or get over to the World Ozone Page and give them a like. 

For on this day, September 16th, 1987, the world stood together against greed and corporations. It stood with scientists, researchers and environmentalists and it showed us that we CAN make a difference to our planet.

So, consider this ... if you send cards at Christmas, dress your kids up on Halloween, wave a sparkler on November the 5th, chase cheese down hills, throw tomatoes in Spain, have a water fight in Thailand or any one of a million other celebrations ... you can spare an hour to celebrate the time we came together to save the planet.

We’ll certainly be waving our World Ozone Day flags today and we’d love you to join us.


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