Next Day Delivery 60 Night Trial FREE Returns
Next Day Delivery 60 Night Trial FREE Returns

Comfy doesn’t happen by accident. We’ve been to the snooze seminars. We’ve spoken to the chill gurus. We’ve scoured the world for the stuff that makes things so damn hoggable. And we poured it all into our duvet. It's made from the finest spun vegan-down. Soft, light, warm and breathable, like real down, but without plucking a single feather.


Comfy comes at a cost, right?
Nope. Our vegan-down comes from recycled PET plastic water bottles. We spin it like candy floss and keep folding until each duvet is soft, light and fluffy. Just like a cloud. All done in our eco-factory, which uses 100% renewable energy and produces zero waste. Talk about being Green.


Comfy is king, but it ain’t everything.
You need to be safe. So the duvet’s made without chemicals or toxins. You need to keep allergies under control. So we’ve made it hypoallergenic. And you definitely don’t wanna be throwing it away after 6 months... So you can wash and tumble-dry it at home. Yep, all sizes, even the biggies! They'll come out like new every time.