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Catnap Christmas: The Top Five Snoozes of the Season

Set aside the tinsel, the pudding and the kids bouncing off the walls at 9pm Christmas Eve. What sets the festive period apart is our unadulterated right to relax.

That’s right, if you can’t claim a duvet day at Christmas, then is it Chrimbo at all? We reckon even Noddy Holder would have to say no!

With that in mind please find your place by the fireside as we count down the only top five that matters.


  1. The Calm Before The Storm

You're not likely to get much sleep in the moment preceding the big day. No matter how well you’ve hidden the sugar, the sweets and fizzy pop, if you have kids then there’s no sleep till way past bedtime on this most hallowed eve. But the sheer bliss of a Christmas Eve power nap is reward enough for your patience. Drink deep of the pre-bedtime Baileys my friend, for you will need your strength for the trials ahead.

  1. The Lapse of Reason

Sometimes even the best organised get overwhelmed. If somewhere between the oven alarms, the sibling quarrels, and Christmas Zoom-meets it all gets too much - and you find yourself balled up on the couch. Don’t be too hard on yourself. There’s a good reason everyone else let you be too. Every warrior needs their rest.

  1. The Crimbo Choco-coma

Eat drink and be merry… (then sleep like the damned…) We’re unsure why they left out the last verse, but it’s clear as Xmas Proscesso it should be part of the deal! There’s no one among us who has the resilience to resist the after dinner blackout.

Remember to grab the best sofa in the house. If in doubt and you have a cat, follow your feline friend. If anyone knows where to chill it’s the floof. 

You may earn yourself a scratch, but so be it.

  1. Boxing Day Debooze Snooze

They might have mentioned this tradition too. With all the cause and effect of eating and drinking etc there is always a reckoning. Remember, all wine and some play gives Jill a dull ache.

Take time to unwind and recharge with a post Chrimbo slumber party for one.

Grab the duvet of your choice (we recommend ours, but slum it if you must) and head for the comfy seats. Out there in the land beyond the kitchen.

  1. The End of Days Daze

We enter the festive period full of energy and joy. Then we spend the next week consuming our body weight in a variety of indulgences. So it's no surprise that the only way back to reality is a hyper short hibernation. To complete your full circle journey, find a horizontal space, the best duvet you can find (we have some suggestions) and give in to the Lords of the Zzzz.

For added effect, you can always add a sign demanding that you’re left until Spring... It seems to work for bears.  

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